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RE:  We have the Money for Real Estate Investors.  Click Here or on my photo.

Whole House PEX-ing

 RE:  Whole House PEX-ing For Real Estate Investors 
(Mentioned at the REIA Small Group Networking sessions.)

 Problem:  Rental property with old galvanized or aging brittle copper that experiences any number of these problems:

  • Low water pressure/line blockage

  • Rusty water

  • Ceiling stains

  • Wet/damp sheetrock

  • Pin Hole leaks


 Solution:   Whole House PEX-ing 

 Real Estate Investment Benefit:   Capital Improvement or Repair that can be deducted/depreciated for your rental or real estate investment business (Please consult your business tax advisor)

 My Story: 
In 2017, I contracted for a whole house re-pipe because of ceiling water stains and sheetrock damage, galvanized pipe pin hole leaks, and tremendous pipe blockage in a home built in the 1980's.  Over the years, I just "patched" things with pipe clamps and paint and did not realize what was taking place in the galvanized plumbing. The galvanized plumbing was eroding from the inside and pieces were flaking off and pieces were flowing throughout the lines clogging up other areas.
It was a personal residence and not an investment property so there was no tax advantages.
After replacing connections to a relative new gas water heater, I discovered line blockage and nasty buildup that have progressed over the years.  Our water from the district was good, but we bathed and drank through these pipes.  YUK!  I had to take action.  Below are a few photos of my horrific discovery.


I secured several estimates from different companies and they were very expensive with professional slick "sales people".  It was hard to know who to trust.  I finally decided on a company that seemed to have a credible business presence in the Houston market.

The company's onsite lead was Kenneth Moore.  Kenneth has since branched out on his own to deliver the same high quality level of service for whole house re-pipe PEXing.

During his 7 years with his former company, he oversaw three crews of employees and averaged 3-4 whole house PEX re-piping projects per week. That's at least 1000 whole house re-PEXing projects in the Houston area.

Kenneth exclusively only uses the industry recognized
Uponor brand pipe and fittings and takes pride in doing a top notch job completion from start to finish.  He did not recommend the type found at the big box stores.

I highly recommend Kenneth Moore and his select crew.

Check out the photos that I took during the project that took only two days to complete. 

The old galvanized pipes were drained and left in place, and new PEX lines were installed through the attic.  Removing the old pipes would cost considerably more since it would require removing large sections of drywall to access the old pipes. 

After PEX installation and leak checks, the drywall openings were all closed and patched.
Complete the form and Kenneth with contact you to see your house layout and provide you a free estimate. 

Be sure to mention Mitchell Wu referred you.


Contact Kenneth Moore for a free estimate.

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